Other resources to help you use kimono

Below you can find a list of our favorite resources to help with kimono. These tutorials will introduce you to critical concepts and technologies that kimono leverages to create APIs. 

When you click on an item with kimono, kimono's algorithms determine the CSS selectors for the data that you are interested in. If you want to tailor your data to be more specific, you can use kimono's advanced mode to specify these CSS selectors.

To understand CSS Selectors and how to find the ones that match the data you want, review these resources:

1. What is CSS (Wikipedia)

2. Use the DOM inspector to view the CSS for the elements you are interested in (Chrome DevTools)

3. What are different CSS selectors to target specific elements on the page (W3 Schools)

4. Master your knowledge of CSS selectors with the selector game

5. Other: Mozilla Developer Network series on CSS selectors (Mozilla Developer Network)

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