Troubleshooting Error Codes E20, E21, and E22: Pagination Problems

Sometimes, Kimono will encounter websites that it cannot scrape data from. This will generally happen when you attempt to save an API. Instead of creating the API, a failure screen will pop up like this:


This failure screen will vary depending on the type of error you've encountered. All of the error pages include an error code, which will provide helpful context on what the problem is and how to troubleshoot it. 


What Error Codes E20, E21, E22 Mean:


E20: Pagination Error: Selector not found

This means that your Kimono API successfully created, but the pagination failed. Specifically, it failed to find the selector found for the next page. This error is the same problem as E10/ E11, only applied to the selector for the next page instead of raw data.


E21: Pagination Error: Invalid Selector

This means that the selector entered for pagination was not valid. This is usually due to a syntax error in the selector format, or attempting to use an jQuery selector instead.


E22: Pagination Error: Click returned no data

This means that Kimono was able to find a next page selector, but that when Kimono clicked on it, no new data was returned. In this case, new data can come either in the form of a new page being loaded, or from more data being loaded onto the existing page. Regardless of the case, an E22 error indicates that no data was loaded by clicking on the Kimono selector specified. 


What you can do about these Errors

If you're getting these errors, you can usually do something to troubleshoot your crawl!

E20-E21: Problems with the Selector If you see an E20 or E21 error, there is a problem with your CSS selector. Either the selector did not return anything -- there is no link for Kimono to click on (E20), or the selector itself was invalid (E21).

For E20 errors, see our guide to troubleshooting E10/ E11 errors, which involve troubleshooting CSS selectors that don't return anything. 

For E21 errors, the above guide is helpful too. However, the problem may stem from using an incorrect CSS selector format. For example, have you copied a jQuery syntax into the advanced mode box: ('a') vs. 'a'. The first example will cause an error, while the second works!

For E22 errors, first verify that the CSS selector for your pagination is correct. It may be a valid css selector, but it may not point to the right kind of link (or a link at all). In other cases, it may point to multiple links, which will also cause issues. See this guide. for more help.

Finally, if you are having problems with pagination, one common solution is to move your crawl to a different strategy, with either a manual url list, source api, or a url generated crawl.


For help troubleshooting these errors, please see this guide.

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