Crawling pages with Infinte Scroll

This feature will be reintroduced to the Kimono offering after some maintenance. It is not currently available as part of the free plan.Pre-existing APIs will not be affected.

Kimono can scrape data from pages that load additional content when the user scrolls down, with the Infinite Scroll feature. Creating an Infinite Scroll API is just as easy as making any other Kimono API, here's how:

To use Infinite Scroll, navigate to a page that loads additional data when you scroll down and open the Kimono bookmarklet or chrome extension. Then, create an API as you normally would: set up your properties and collections.

Once that's done, click on the bronze infinity logo on the toolbar.



A box will appear asking you when the crawl should stop. You can choose either 50, or 100 items to scroll.


Once you've selected your limit, the bronze circle will show a checkmark to indicate that it's saved.


At this point, you can continue editing your API, or save your work and build the API by hitting "Done" in the top right corner.

When you save your API, you will be taken to the API detail page. Your API will already have started a crawl to get the full set of infinite scroll results. You can now navigate to your API detail page as you normally would. Congratulations!


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