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KimonoApps are responsive HTML5 web apps, powered by data from kimono APIs. KimonoApps have their own URLs and are hosted on our servers. They can be shared with and used by anyone, not just Kimono users. An example KimonoApp looks like this:

Creating Apps

You can start creating a your app by clicking "Create a KimonoApp" from the API detail page:


Next you'll need to name your app. Note that app names must be globally unique. If your desired app name is taken, you'll have to choose another. After naming your app, choose one or more APIs you want included in your app.

Finally, choose a display format (only list available now), and a default theme (only Jaipur available now). Once your app is completed you'll have the option to customize the theme.

Customize your theme

You may customize the look and feel of your app by changing various color values and the title text. The full list of properties you can customize looks like this:

App title Edit the title text for your app
Background color Change the background color of your app's main display area
Title color Change title text color
Title background color Change top band (title background) color
Link color Change hyperlink color
Property color Change property label color

Publishing and sharing your app

After creation, your app is live on the web at the URL displayed unless you've deleted it. Each app has social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at the bottom. Just click to share. If you share your app with others, they can access and use your app at any time without having to be users of kimono. Note that we recommend using scheduled APIs (not on demand) APIs for apps so you can ensure faster load times and also to prevent accidentally running over your quota for realtime API calls.

Browsing, editing and deleting your app

To see a list of your apps, select 'My Apps' from the drop-down menu under your username in the top nav bar. Once you click on a particular app, edit and delete buttons will appear at the bottom, allowing you to edit or delete your app. You can make an unlimited number of KimonoApps, so don't be shy.

Adding your app to your phone's home screen

Open your kimono app by opening the app URL in your smartphone's browser. Then click the share button and then select "add to home screen". You should now see a black kimono icon with the kimono rainbow at the top, for your new kimono app.

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