Embed data from your kimono API in your site

KimonoBlocks are embeddable blocks that display the latest data from your kimono API on your own site. An example KimonoBlock looks like this:

Creating Blocks

You can create a KimonoBlock by clicking "Create a KimonoBlock" from the 'API detail' tab of any API's detail page:

Customizing your theme

Just like with creating an app, you can customize the size and dimensions of your KimonoBlock to match the style of your website by changing various color values and the title text. The full list of properties you can customize looks like this:

API Id Use this to change the API you want to pull data from. You can only enter one API id
Block Title Edit the title text of your KimonoBlock
Title color Change title text color
Title background color Change top band (title background) color
Property color Change property label color
Background color Change the background color for the main content area
Text color Change the main text color
Link color Change the text color for hyperlinks
Height Specify the height in pixels

Embedding it in your site

Once you're happy with the content and theme of your block, you can embed it into your website by simply adding the provided code snippet to the code on your site. An example of the embed code looks like this:

<iframe src="http://kimonolabslocal.com:3000/kimonoblock/?apiid={API_ID}&apikey={YOUR_API_KEY}&title=bloomberg&titleColor=ffffff&titleBgColor=659fc0&bgColor=ffffff&textColor=6b7770&linkColor=659fc0&propertyColor=dddddd" style="width:100%;height:400px; border:1px solid #efefef"></iframe>
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