Troubleshoot your stalled crawl

API crawl time will vary based on the amount of data you are extracting per page, the number of pages you are crawling and other kimono users crawling at that time. If an unreasonable amout of time has passed and you believe your crawl has stalled, try to retrigger it by clicking 'stop' 

then 'start crawl' again 

If your paginated API fails mid-crawl, check that the last successfully crawled page has a pagination element that matches your API's CSS selector. If not, you can add or adjust the CSS selector in advanced mode. 

If your API repeatedly struggles to get through all the pages, you can get a more comprehensive data set by using other other multi-page crawling options - like URL generation - to extract data across all the pages - this will fail on finnicky pages and then move on

If you are still experiencing issues try triggering your crawl again and looking into other issues that could be interfering with your multi-page crawl. 

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