Modify CSS selectors

Kimono uses CSS selectors to isolate the element that you want to extract from the page, so you can easily broaden or tighten the selector kimono's algorithm generates to get more or less data. Take for example the following selector:

div > table.table1 > tbody > tr > td:nth-child(1)

Imagine there are two tables on the page, one with class


and the other with class table2. In order to extract all the data from the first column of both tables, you'll need to broaden the selector. You can enter advanced mode and remove the .table1 from the selector, click  and both tables worth of data will be selected, with the following selector:

div > table > tbody > tr > td:nth-child(1)

You can tailor these CSS selectors in advanced mode

 Coming up with the perfect selectors to get exactly the data you want can be tricky. The Mozilla Developer Network site is a fantastic resource for learning everything you need to know about both.

Specifically, check out their documentation on CSS selectors

Practice writing CSS Selectors by playing this super fun CSS Diner Game!


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