Understand the API detail page

The API detail page contains all the information and settings you need to use and manage your APIs. It looks like this when you first view it:

Note: The detail page here does not show experimental features that we release occasionally. You can read more about these features here.


The information at the top of your detail page contains the high level information about your API

Endpoints Click the json, csv, or rss data to view your endpoint in the browser
Source URL The webpage from which your API extraction rules (CSS selectors, regex) are created and edited.
Crawl Status Shows the status of your last crawl
Clone API Create your own copy of the API that you can modify
Edit API Adjust the extraction rules for your API
Use and manage your API via the tabs on your detail page
Tab nameDescription
Data Preview Quickly view, copy and download your data (with additional information if desired)
Crawl Setup View API status and manage frequency and crawl strategy
Use Data Use your API result to trigger notifications, build apps, embed in your site and with third party integations
API Docs View your API key, bearer token and code samples to call your API 
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