Webpages not yet supported by kimono

The internet is a bit like the Wild Wild West, and while we are working to support as many pages as possible - you may encounter niche pages and structures that kimono cannot support. 

If you've encountered a page that kimono can't extract data from, check out our troubleshooting guide. If the page loads information via javascript or a POST request (including the link to the next page) then we have not yet released these features (we're working on it!) Additionally, kimono cannot yet support data from images, PDFs or xml. Kimono also can't extract raw HTML.

A helpful workaround can be to enter preview mode and copy and paste or download the data directly from there, as Kimono will fail when creating an API, but still show you the data you need!

There are also certain sites that don't allow Kimono to work with them such as Facebook and LinkedIn. 


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