Extract HTML attributes

Attributes editor let's you select which attributes, associated with each element, you'd like to extract (e.g., class). It can be accessed via advanced mode, by clicking the 'Attributes' link next to the regular expression field:

When using the attributes editor, you have full control over what content you wish to extract from each element matched by the selector. This includes the Text Content of the element, the HTML Content or any of the element's attribute values.

Kimono will automatically reconginize which attributes are available on the elements you've already selected from the page and will list them for you to select from:

Simply tick (or un-tick) the attributes for which you want the values included (or excluded) in your API endpoint. If you do not see an attribute included that you expect, make sure to tick the 'hidden attributes' box to reveal all options.

Note that RSS feed outputs have requirements about which items are links (i.e. have the href attribute property enabled).


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