Edit your API

There are two ways you can edit your API. The first is to change how the API actually retrieves data from the page. The second is to change more meta functionality about how the API functions, for instance how often an API checks for new data, or what pages it targets.

Editing How the API Extracts Data: To edit the way the API extracts data, click on  from your API detail page. This will take you back to the kimono extractor view. 

You can edit your datatypes by navigating to extractor view  selecting the datatype you would like to edit in the toolbar and adding to it or deleting it.

You can adjust the CSS selectors, regex, attributes extracted and the data model by navigating to advanced mode in the data model view: 

Click  to save your new API structure. 

Editing the APIs meta characteristics 

To change how the API behaves with regard to things like frequency, pagination limit, source URL and URLs for multi-page crawling, head over to the API detail page to edit those things.

You can also edit the frequency, pagination limit and target URL using the kimono API.

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