Tutorial: Start crawls via the REST API

Great, so you've got a Kimono API set up and you want to crawl it at your leisure - on demand. In essence, what we're doing here is hitting an API endpoint, and having Kimono go and update all the data for your Kimono API.

Let's walk through how we do that.

First things first, you'll need the following:

  • A working Kimono API (it should be set to on demand)
  • Your API Key, Token, and ID (All can be found on your API detail page, apis/YOUR_ID)
  • Programming Langauge of choice (curl counts too!)

One more thing to note:

The endpoint for the Kimono API is slightly different than for fetching data from your normal APIs. For normal APIs, you hit kimonolabs.com/api/..... For using the Kimono API to make RESTful calls to your APIs, you hit kimonolabs.com/kimonoapis/..... Subtle Difference, but it matters!

Ok, let's get started. This is pretty easy with our API! All we're doing is making a single authenticated POST request to the Kimono API. To make this request, we need to pass it a few things:

  • The API ID of the API that we want to start the crawl on.
  • Our API Key

That's it!

So an example request would look something like this (make sure it's a POST):

curl --data "apikey : sHlv8VajTMCK5ePLUPL1Yg2nbf9iOs9H" https://www.kimonolabs.com/kimonoapis/91umx2n0/startcrawl

You'll be passed back a response object that tells you whether it succeeded or not. That's it! Easy peezy.


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