Select page data to scrape with kimono

Your first data type is represented by the yellow data circle - you can simply click on - or click and drag over - any element on the page to add it to the highlighted data type. Kimono will suggest similar elements that you may also want to select with a highlight - similar elements will be represented in different shades of the current data color.


Elements shown in darker shades are more similar than those shown in lighter shades. You can accept or reject the suggested elements by clicking or . You can also select additional elements that are not suggested by clicking on them as you did the first.

The number in your data circle is the count of elements selected

Once you have selected all the data you want for your first element, you can spawn a new datatype by clicking the circle containing the grey plus

A new datatype, indicated by a new datacircle/color, will appear in the toolbar. Click on the elements you want for that datatype. For example, indicates three different datatypes each with 5 elements selected.

You can preview your data by clicking the data preview and make adjustments in data model view

If you would like to select different data, navigate back to the extractor view . You can add to previous data types by selecing the data circle that you would like to edit and clicking on more data to include, you can also delete previous data types by hovering over them and clicking the red x.

You can make more adjustments to your data model - including extracting attributes, adjusting the CSS selectors, adjusting the regex and editing your data model - in the data model view

Once you have the data you want, click done

Now you can name your API and set your frequency.

Watch a video on how to extract data here: Kimono tutorial 1: Extracting data or take a spin through our interactive tutorial.

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