Get more than 2500 result objects

Each API call is limited to 2500 individual result rows. This is particularly pertinent for muti-page crawling APIs. In order to get all of your data, you need to retrieve it in chunks of 2500 results. Imagine you created an API which crawled ~1000 pages, extracting 50 items from each. The final results would contain ~50,000 rows of data.

In order to retrieve this data from the API endpoint, you would need to successively call the API endpoint at least 20 times, each time getting a different subset of the data. To make this possible, kimono supports two addition query parameters kimlimit and kimoffset.

For example, to return just the first 1000 results, the API call URL would look like this:{API_ID}?apikey={YOUR_API_KEY}&kimlimit=1000

Because 2500 is the max limit, we can omit it in the event we want 2500 results. If we wanted to, for example, retrieve results 5001 to 7500, the API call URL would look like this:{API_ID}?apikey={YOUR_API_KEY}&kimoffset=5000

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