Use your kimono API in google sheets

Kimono's add-on for Google Spreadsheets automatically lets you import data fetched by your kimono APIs directly into Google spreadsheets. Once imported, the cells containing the data remain linked to the kimono APIs - this let's you refresh your data with just one click. You can use regular spreadsheet formulas on these cells, allowing you to build models that update automatically when the source data changes.

Install the add-on now

Get started

Click here to install the kimono add-on for Google. You'll need a google account with spreadsheets set up. Alternatively, click 'Add-ons' from the menu bar in any Google Spreadsheet, select 'Get Add-ons', search for 'Kimono' and folow the installation instructions.

Automate your data download

To use the add-on you'll need to create an API that gets the data you want. Then go to the Google Spreadsheet where you would like to use your data. Select 'Add-ons' from the menu bar and click 'Connect to Kimono'.

Log-in with your Kimono username and password, then select the API you want to use. A new sheet containing the most recent data fetched by that API will be created.

A new sheet with your data will be created.

Update your data

Refresh the data on your spreadsheet to reflect the most updated API data by clicking 'Update Sheet' under 'Kimono' from 'Add-on' bar. You can update just the sheet you are currently on, or, if you have multiple APIs downloading data into several sheets, you can update all sheets at once.

Building analyses

When you update your data, kimono will overwrite the entire sheet. You will lose any formulas, formatting or edits you have made on the same sheet as the data. To preserve your work and build meaningful analyses on top of the data, treat your kimono data sheet as a raw input (as you might do with a pivot table), and build your formulas and analyses in separate sheets that link to the raw data. This way, when you trigger a data refresh, your formulas will be preserved, and only the data will change.

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