Call private APIs

Private APIs will be reintroduced to the Kimono offering after some maintenance. They are not currently available as part of the free plan. Pre-existing APIs will not be affected.

Calling an auth API using a GET request is just like calling any kimono api, but you will additionally need to pass your secure token in the Authentication request header, like so:

Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_SECURE_TOKEN}

You can see your secure token on your account page.

We've included examples for how you would call a kimono API using Curl, jQuery, Node, PHP Python and Ruby on the 'API docs' tab of your API detail page, but any other language able to make HTTP requests is valid as well.

Please remember to include your API key and Secure Token with each call to your API.

If you are viewing your auth API results data from our website, you will not need to use the secure token – as we can securely authenticate your requests using your active SSL session. This includes downloading the data as a file, viewing the results preview pane on the API Detail page or viewing any of the endpoints: json, csv or rss directly in your browser.

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