Review toolbar features and functionality

To create a kimono API, navigate to the web site you want to scrape and click the kimono bookmarklet or chrome extension.

The toolbar is your central control panel during API creation. It allows you to organize and name your data, view different output formats and finalize/create your API. The buttons/actions available on the toolbar include:

Data circle Represents the different datatypes by color and displays the number of items in the current dataset.
New datatype Click this to spawn a new datatype and begin adding to the new dataset
Pagination Click this before telling kimono where the link to the next page is. Kimono will then follow that link to scrape data off several pages. 
Undo If you make a mistake, just click undo to step back
Extractor view Shows the web page and your data selections
Data model view Shows how the elements you selected will be associated
Data preview Shows a preview of how your data will look in JSON, CSV or RSS
Done Once you've finished selecting the data you want, click done to create your API
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