Protect your private API data

Private APIs will be reintroduced to the Kimono offering after some maintenance. It is not currently available as part of the free plan. Pre-existing APIs will not be affected.

All auth APIs are private. Currently auth APIs are available exclusively through our paid plans.

Keeping your data secure is a top priority for us. When you enter your login credentials for a website, kimono encrypts the data using robust, industry standard AES encryption, and never stores any credentials in plain text. Your login information is only used for this specific API to extract the data you've indicated from this specific site.

Auth APIs themselves are protected with an added layer of security. In addition to the typical requirement of sending an API key along with every call, you are required to pass a secure bearer token in your request headers as well. You should keep this token secure and never share it with anyone, as it grants access to the data in your auth APIs. If you feel your token has been compromised, you can reset it from your account page.

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