Schedule your API frequency

You set the frequency of your kimono API upon creation, but you can adjust it at any time by navigating to your crawl setup tab on the API detail page or through the kimono API. Please note that multipage crawls are subject to page limits.

The frequency you select will be how often kimono scrapes the source webpage or completes a crawl of the multiple URLs you have specified.

Your frequency options include:

Manual Crawl: The API will only scrape new data when you trigger it from the crawl setup tab on the API detail page or through the kimono API. You may crawl up to 10,000 pages per API.

Scheduled crawls: API will extract data on a schedule at the time interval selected (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly). Your API calls will respond much faster with data from scheduled APIs that run on schedule (i.e. hourly) since kimono responds instantly with the cached version of the data. If you would like your API to crawl at a specified time, then just trigger the call at that time and the API will continue to fetch data on that schedule. If you need more frequent data, please contact us.

Weekly crawls are limited to 10,000 pages, and daily crawls are limited to 1,000 pages.

On demand: The API will extract data every time the endpoint is called. Only available for crawling a single page or using URL parameter pass through (this frequency is required to use URL parameter pass through). Please note that this behavior has changed as of February 2015.

Note that by default, kimono will only update your API every time the base data changes.


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